2019 Webinar: Flexible fieldwork with CAMS Mobile

15 August 2019

Taking the correct equipment into the field is vital. Find out why CAMS Mobile is becoming a standard in every Maintenance officer's toolkit.

In this session we'll focus on some the essentials of CAMS Mobile:


  • Recording new assets
  • Logging work completed
  • Syncing data back to the office


CAMS helps you through the entire fieldwork process, from the time of the first incident report, to the resolution and notice to the public. In this session we will provide an overview of this process and how you can implement it within your organisation.


Suitable for: Anyone with an interest or responsibilities relating to work outside the office. Also recommended for new users of CAMS Mobile / existing users needing a reminder


Expected Duration: 45 mins

Sorry, this event is in the past, tickets are no longer available.
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