How to Join a CAMS Webinar

We are continually reviewing our options to find the best webinar platform, at present the two best options are Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

The process of joining via both is very similar but both require the app to be installed for the best results. It may be possible to join via the your internet browser but so far our experience suggests joining via an internet browser is more likely to be problematic.

If IT are blocking you from installing MS Teams or Zoom on your PC you may still be able to join on your mobile device! The mobile app provides all the same features as the desktop app. 

iOS MS Teams / iOS Zoom

Android MS Teams / Android Zoom

Windows PC MS Teams / Windows PC Zoom

Once you have access to an app (either on your PC or mobile device) you can proceed to the next steps:

1) On the day of the webinar, 15 mins prior to the start of the session you will be sent a meeting invite via email from an ESDM consultant.

2) At the start time of the session, click the meeting invite within the email. If you already have MS Teams or Zoom installed as a standalone program it will open, otherwise your internet browser will open the link.

3) If your internet browser has opened the link you can try to download the small file which should allow you to join (you may need to request permission from your IT team for this). Otherwise you should be able to login to the session using the MS Teams or Zoom app. You may be able to connect with a guest account.

4) After you have joined the webinar and the presentation has started please try to mute your microphone to be courteous to others.

Modified 03/07/2020
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